Clinical Material

     Hospital has a total intake capacity of 100 beds including separate General Ward for male, female and Children and pay wards in moderate rates. Investigation facilities including Clinical laboratory, USG, Computerised X Ray, ECG, etc are available.  Separate yoga and physiotherapy units are functioning working full-fledged under the guidance of experts. 
    OPD of all specialities on all days  including units of Kayachikitsa (general medicine & psychiatry), Panchakarma, Salyathantra(orthopedics, ano rectal diseases), Salakyatantra(ophthalmology, ent,dental), Prasuthitantra, & sthreeroga (antenatal postnatal care and gynecology wing)koumarabhrthya(pediatrics) and swasthavritha(preventive &social medicine, yoga therapy, naturopathy) under concerned qualified medical experts. A separate unit, under department of Kayachikitsa working daily on rotation basis providing periodical service of experts from fields of Ayurveda clinical pathology, dermatology & toxicology, pharmacology & pharmacy. 
    A total of more than 42184 patients attended the OP unit in the year 2022 and around 874 patients were admitted for treatments in the inpatients unit.

Department of Salyatantra

1. Ano-rectal clinic - offering surgical and Para surgical techniques  in Ayurveda. Services of both male and female expert consultant clinicians. Special focus on diseases like Piles, fistula, fissure in ano, pilonidal sinus, Varicose ulcer and other non healing ulcers treated through various techniques Ksharasuthram, Siravedham, Leech therapy, Agnikarmam, special bandages.
2. Spine clinic - offering medical, extended medical and specialized salyatantra techniques in the management of acute and chronic spinal conditions.
3.   Minor OT, major OT for Ayurvedic surgical procedures.
4.   Facilities for Raktamoksha - Bloodletting. 
5. Physiotherapy center to offer advanced facilities and techniques. 

Department of Prasuthitantra 

1. PV examination for gynecological diseases in relevant cases. 
2. Provision for minor procedures :
Yoni kshalana
Yoni pichu
Yoni poorana
Yoni dhara
Kshara karma
Lower abdominal pichu
Urethral infiltration
Pessary  insertion
3. Theatre facility available for uttaravasti procedure. 
4. Specialty clinic for infertility. 
5.   Provision of investigative procedure - Pap smear. 
6.  Ante natal examination and routine antenatal care. 
7.  Post natal care. 
8. OP attached with separate private examination  room.

Department of swasthavritha

1. Management of lifestyle diseases, obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc. through yoga and dietary intervention.
2. Stress management through yoga.
3. Special yogasanas and breathing practices for the management of bronchial asthma and other respiratory ailments.
4. Yoga for back pain by qualified yoga therapists under the supervision of expert doctors 

 Department of Kaumarabrithyam

1. Developmental issues in children - specialist consultant.
2. Child wellness outpatient wing which help in early identification of developmental delay in children for giving early intervention.
3. Comprehensive therapies in addressing development issues including physiotherapy unit and  panchakarma therapists.
4. Special care for children ; Developmental  issues including autism spectrum disorder, Attention deficit  Hyperactive disorder, Cerebral palsy, Learning disabilities.
5. Proper counseling to parents and children regarding health issues, life style modification and adolescents care.
6. Separate general ward facility for Children and their caretakers.
7. Separate breast feeding console and play area attached to department OPD.

Department of Shalakyatantra

OP is attached with examination room. 
Theatre facility availble for procedures like Tharpanam. 
Provision for eye and ENT examination which includes - ophthalmoscopy , fundoscopy, rhinoscopy, otoscopy. 
Provision for eye test for DRIVING LICENSE and issue of medical certificate. 
Special procedures like lekhanam, bhedhanam, epilation  , foreign body removal, wax removal, karnapuranam. 
Provision for minor procedures - 
2 Aschyotanam
Schemer’s test done to estimate dryness of eye. 
Examination of eye includes tonometry , perimetry ,vision test and slit lamp test. 
Special treatment for excessive hair growth like prachanam, jalookavacharanam  especially in cases of alopecia etc. 
Procedures in OP level are also available for IP patients.
Head ache and migraine clinic.

Department of Kayachikitsa

Diabetic care unit  - Provides medical advices to manage or prevent diabetes and its complications
Psychiatric care and mental health unit -  Provides specialty care in the treatment of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder etc.
Geriatric care unit – Providing physical and mental health care for elderly people for their geriatric problems.
Neurological & Orthopedic care unit – which provides medical advices treatments of neurological disorders and disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.
Post covid management unit – Provides medical care for the post covid problems and restoration of health for individuals.
Thyroid clinic – Provides medical advices to manage thyroid diseases and its complications
Male infertility management unit – Medical assistance to manage erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, reduced sperm count and such sexual disorders.
Neurology clinic  management and rehabilitation of stroke , Parkinson’s disease etc

Department of Panchakarma

Well equipped panchakarma theater with separate cubicles for each Droni. 
Separate male and female blocks for panchakarma theater 
All Panchakarma procedures and Keraliya traditional treatments are performed regularly. Well trained and experienced therapists